“When you feel sad, you don’t flip a switch and suddenly become happy. It starts with a thought (e.g., a happy memory) or you surround yourself with people who make the bad thoughts go away. Then, you feel happy.”

Hey Itxy Lopez! I totally agree with you on this one. Change starts with realising that you’re the one in control. You choose how you react to a situation, and that’s what sets your mood.

When it’s raining outside, you choose whether it’s making you feel down or not. This also applies to how you deal with negative people in your life, but that’s another subject.

It might be a rainy day outside, but as long as it’s sunny in your heart, you can create the energy to move forward and do good things.

This is a great article, and I wish you good luck and success in your work! Stay strong, and have a good one!

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