Medium Top Authors Interviews: 10 Questions with Alan Trapulionis

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Do you have a morning routine?

What is the number one habit/routine you attribute the most to your success?

What is the number one productivity item you can’t live without?

The one book you recommend for self- improvement and/or productivity?

You write a lot about entrepreneurship. Is there one big lesson you’ve learned from the research you put together to write?

How important is time off for you, and what do you do when you take time off?

What advice do you have for people who struggle to actually start working on the projects they have?

On marketing. You don’t appear to have a website or a newsletter. Do you have a business model?

Investing in yourself is key to success. What is one of the most recent ways you’ve invested in yourself?

If you could have a coffee and talk about anything with a personality (dead or alive) you admire, who would it be and why?

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