I Asked 10 Top Medium Writers About Their Favorite Productivity Tools

Nothing replaces doing the work

Joseph Mavericks


In my quest to become more productive and reach my goals, I have turned to people ahead of me on the path of personal success many times. In fact, over the past 2 years I have interviewed more than 75 business owners, entrepreneurs and productivity experts. I have asked them about their morning routines, their favorite ways of working, how they split their time between work and family…

A lot of the people I interviewed are writers and bloggers, because those are the people I draw the most inspiration from. Some are top authors on Medium, and they’ve remained so for a number of years. Take Anthony Moore for instance. He was one of my first guests 2 years ago. To this day, he is still a top author on Medium, and he keeps publishing articles consistently. Same goes for Niklas Göke, Sinem Günel, or Megan Holstein.

Often times, these people mentioned tools in their answers. The tools that help them work, stay motivated and achieve more. Over the course of my interviews, I gathered all those tools in a list, and I want to share the most popular ones in this article.

None of the tools I’m about to present consist of a magic recipe. Just because you adopt them doesn’t mean you will become productive, a top author, and make a lot of money. At the end of the day, it’s always about putting in the work and finding a framework that works for you.

Use this list as inspiration, but don’t expect anything to happen in your life if you’re not willing to get to work, whatever you do. Hope it helps!


Used by Megan Holstein

Ulysses is the ultimate writing app for Mac, iPad and iPhone. It’s like Grammarly on steroids, because it allows you to not only proofread, edit and meet the right tone, it also comes with a ton of awesome organising, sorting and even exporting features (PDFs, Word docs, ebooks…)

You can also set deadlines and daily goals for your projects. Ulysse is based on markup language, meaning that all the text formatting options are available from your keyboard via shortcuts, no need to click with your mouse.



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