Hey Kelsie! Thanks for reading, and thanks a lot for your question!

I do also get tangled up in my ideas, this is totally normal. It takes a lot of training to learn to lay out your ideas in a clear and concise manner. Not only for you, but also for your readers!

Based on what you’re saying, I would recommend that you keep finishing the 2 articles you were working on in the first place, and then write the other ones. Everytime I have an idea for an article, I write it down in my notepad, and I don’t think about it anymore. I know I’ll get to work on it when my schedule clears up.

You mention you’ve been writing about 2 ideas at the same time. Again, here I would advise to write both of them down, in a very short way. Summarise each idea in one title, or one/two sentences, not more. Then, work on writing only one idea, and only move on to the next one once you’re done writing the first one.

The way I work is like this: a “finished” idea for me is a clear draft of an article. I don’t care about the grammar mistakes, the punctuation, the small details. I just write my article draft, and once it’s done, I know I have a strong base to work from and proofread later.

I hope this helps! Here are 2 articles I wrote that I really think could help you. One is about journaling and structuring your ideas, and another one is a deeper look into my writing process!

How Journaling With 3 Notebooks Can 10x Your Productivity
The Process I Use to Write All of My Content

Thanks again for the support, and see you around!

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