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Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft all use the same approach


10 years after having started his company, and after going from a 5-people company to 50 full-time employees, my CEO sold for $30 million last year.

3 years before selling however, the company was not in good shape at all. In fact, we were headed straight into a hard concrete…

And how to overcome them.

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It’s 2:30pm on a Tuesday. I’m in a meeting with my team, and we’ve used the past 30 minutes to cover things everybody already knows. The point was to start brainstorming our next product feature release, not to go over information we are all familiar with. 15 long minutes later…

It’s not all about the money, the career and the pride


A few months ago, I wrote about a friend of mine who went from $0 to $100K in cash, in 5 years. We’ll call him Alan. …

People don’t want to pay for your stuff


The content creation economy has never been more booming than today. In 2020, 2 million content creators made more than 6 figures on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitch globally. During the same year, Medium paid out more than $11 million in earnings to the writers on its platform, while recording an…

Money doesn’t work the same when you’re a business owner

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Money doesn’t work the same when you’re a business owner, whether small or big. Following the steady growth of my blog (thanks to the steady amount of work) in the past 2 years, I created my sole-ownership business a year ago. …

Weeks of work, months of wait, thousands of views


Back in the beginning of 2020, I published an article on medium about my favorite productivity apps, and it did really well. In the article I talked about Ticktick a lot, and somebody from their team reached out to me. They had noticed a surge in traffic to their website…

Along with anyone who ever started to work on their own thing

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Ever since I started blogging, I’ve interviewed over 75 medium authors on the subject of productivity. As a content creator, it’s very motivating to get to chat with like-minded people, entrepreneurs, people ahead of me on the path of personal success. For my readers, it’s equally as inspiring to discover…

How doing a challenge to get off technology for a week helped me realise the changes I needed to make.

The gmail screen, loading.
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Like a lot of people, I’ve become more and more addicted to the technology around me. I’m from the last generation born before the internet (I’m in my late twenties), the last people who know what it’s like to do things like:

  • Looking up addresses in the yellow pages
  • Showing…

Every time, his insights caught me off guard

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels

I’ve learned a lot from my CEO. Almost a year ago, he sold the company he founded for $30 million, becoming a multi-millionaire in the process. He worked his butt off for almost 10 years, and eventually the hustle paid off. That being said, entrepreneurship is not all about putting…

How Jeff Bezos went from borrowing $2 billion to keep Amazon afloat, to centibillionaire

Bezos portrait: © John Locher, AP — Pizza:

“Just so you know, there’s a 70% chance that this will fail, or go bankrupt”

This was the warning 30-year old Jeff Bezos was giving to the early investors who were willing to follow him on his crazy idea in 1994: an online bookstore. …

Joseph Mavericks

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