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I love asking top authors on medium how they work on their craft and stay productive. It inspires me, it keeps me motivated, and I often learn about new tools and techniques I didn’t know about.

A few months ago, I released 50 People Who Do, my most comprehensive expert roundup on productivity to date. It contains 35 interviews, 15 extra-long interviews, and 8 pages of recap with all the tools and the books mentioned, plus some fun data crunching. For instance, 60% of the people I asked wake up before or at 6am.

Most of my guests created their own business, and they got where they are today by successfully implementing self-discipline into their life. To each one of them, I ask questions about their life, their learnings, their tools, and sometimes about which celebrity they would like to have coffee with. …

When I’m having a hard time writing because of notifications on my laptop, or when I’m just not feeling it, I switch over to my netbook. This is what it looks like:

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This is a Packard Bell Dot S from 2011. You can get a machine like this for less than $250 at Walmart, and I’ll explain how very soon. …

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There are only 3 people in my everyday life who know about my blog. My girlfriend, and 2 of my best friends. A few weeks ago, I happened to be on the phone with one of those friends, and he asked me why exactly I don’t tell more people about my blog. How come more people don’t know about this big part of me? My parents, my colleagues, my family, my friends… nobody knows about it except 3 people, outside of the people who actually read my content. Why is that?

His question actually caught me off guard. I couldn’t really explain why I didn’t feel like telling the people closest to my heart about a project that was a big part of my life. So my answer to his question was something in the way of: “I don’t really know but hey, this could be a great subject for an article.”


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