5 Online Memberships Under $20 That Will Improve Your Life

Unlike Netflix, these are actually worth the money

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Have you ever totalled up the amount of money you spend on monthly memberships? You’d probably be surprised. Netflix, Amazon Prime and VPNs often add up without you ever noticing it on your bank statement.

The best way to invest your money is in yourself. $100 per month is $1200 per year, and that’s a lot of money for many people. Most of us spend money on things without ever worrying whether or not they add value to our life. What do you get from Netflix or Amazon Prime? Endless video content and quicker delivery. Sure it’s nice and convenient, but ask yourself this:

  1. Do you really need these things in your life?
  2. Is the total yearly amount you spend on these memberships worth the money?

In this article, you’ll learn about 5 monthly memberships, all under $50 per month in total. They’re not about entertainment, killing time, or getting stuff to come quicker to your doorstep. They’re about bringing more value and efficiency to your life. You could easily cut off 50 bucks from your current membership budget, and reinvest it in the options I’m about to mention, but it’s up to you. This list is here for inspiration, and I hope you find value in it.

#1 IFTTT — $3.99

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It’s extremely simple, and at $3.99 per month for the value it can bring to your day-to-day life, it’s more than a steal. IFTTT is a service made of thousands of applets. Applets are code bits that enable you to program a response to events that occur in your life on a daily basis, or just about anytime.

Events are detected by IFTTT through the internet. This means you’ll sometimes need a physical device to catch the “real-life” event inside of your home, and that can cause privacy issues. But worry not, as IFTTT also works great with a ton of online non-physical solutions we all use.

Here is a list of some of the most awesome productivity applets from IFTTT:

  • Mute your Android phone when you arrive at work (or at home). Try here.
  • Create tasks in Todoist for missed calls. Try here.
  • Get a reminder for emails you star. Try here.
  • Transcribe voicemail to Evernote. Try here.
  • Record your daily Fitbit activity in a Google Spreadsheet. Try here.

And just for fun, here is a list of applets that won’t necessarily correlate with a higher productivity, but are pretty damn cool.

  • Get a notification when the International Space Station passes over your home. Try here.
  • Remember to bring an umbrella if it’s going to rain. Try here.
  • Add songs from videos you like to a Spotify playlist. Try here.

#2 Zapier — $19.99

Zapier is like IFTTT, except it doesn’t work with physical devices, and its applets are called Zaps. It’s useful for productivity, but it’s more “marketing-oriented”. It’s very popular in the start-up world to seamlessly connect together platforms that would be hell to manually set up to interact with one another.

I use Zapier a lot for my website, we also use it a lot at my work, and basically everyone I know in the marketing space uses it. For $0 per month, you can automate up to 100 tasks with a 15-minute delay time, and you can only create 5 Zaps (understand automations). $19.99 per month will get you 750 tasks and 20 Zaps, which should be more than enough, at least for a one-person operation.

Here is a list of some awesome Zaps:

  • Print new files in Google Drive with Google Cloud Print. Try here.
  • Add new Google Drive files to Dropbox. Try here.
  • Get Slack notifications for new Evernote notes. Try here.

#3 Ticktick — $2.79

If there is one membership on this list that I would recommend more than any other, it is this one. Ticktick is the best productivity app out there, and it will only set you back a ridiculously low $2.8 per month. There is a free version, but it won’t give you access to the number one game-changing feature of Ticktick: the calendar and its “Arrange Tasks” functionality. Here are 3 reasons why I think Ticktick is 100% worth the money.

1. Arrange tasks

Drag your items from a specific list (for instance your overdue items) straight into your calendar. Due date and duration automatically update across all lists.

Source: Ticktick or Todoist

2. Custom lists

Create your own filters based on conditional logic, in a simple and intuitive interface.

Source: Ticktick or Todoist

3. Habit log

Create your habits, have them display on your calendar, and get access to all your stats inside the same platform.

Source: Ticktick or Todoist

I’ve written about Ticktick a lot before. If you want to know why I think it’s much better than the competition, you can read this massive (4000+ words) guide where I compare Ticktick vs Todoist.

#4 Website hosting — $9.95

You don’t have to get a website if it’s not your thing. But I truly believe that building your own little corner of the web is a great project that can ripple through your life to create positive change.

  • You’ll get motivated and committed about a project
  • You’ll get creative about the design and the setup of your website
  • You’ll learn a ton of things (coding basics, design, implementation…)
  • You’ll increase your problem solving skills

What’s more, website hosting has become ridiculously cheap in the past decade. You can literally get your own server space for less than $10 per month. From there, you can use this blank canvas to build whatever you want, have fun with it, and watch it grow.

I use fastcomet.com (not an affiliate link) for my website hosting, and highly recommend it. Great customer service, and great quality for the price.

#5 Medium — $5.00

That’s right, the platform you’re reading this article on can be a great investment in your self-development and personal productivity. When you subscribe to the paid version of Medium, you get access to unlimited content written by independent creators, world-class publications, and experts from around the world.

Not only that, you also get an opportunity to share your own content, which will be presented to the people that are actually interested in it, through Medium’s algorithm and publications. The former is automatic, the latter requires you to first submit your work.

If you keep at it, you’ll get a slice of the Medium cake deposited in your bank account every month. Before you know it, you might be able to generate a nice little side revenue from your writing, and maybe even become part of the very bunch of authors you’ve been reading and looking up to for a while. That’s an exciting journey.

There you have it. I hope this list inspired you to reconsider your monthly memberships spend. For even more tips and tools on productivity and personal development, check this out:

I interviewed 50 productivity/business experts and made a 150+ page guide out of the project. This is road-tested advice from real people who get things done. Get it for free here.

Living with a purpose and improving myself is changing my life — Get my Top 50 Productivity Experts Interviews for free at josephmavericks.com/50people

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